Ask Away...: 3 Ways Leg Warmers are Essential in the Winter

November 8, 2012

3 Ways Leg Warmers are Essential in the Winter

1. They are great for working out.  When I run I wear what's comfortable and usually that's yoga pants, sneakers, a sports bra, tank, and jacket.  To help keep my legs a bit warmer I just throw leg warmers on and it really does work, without restricting movement.  You can purchase ones like below here.

2. They can make a great fashion statement.

Pair them with an everyday look like below:

Leg Warmers as a Statement

3. You can still wear lower cut shoes and literally use them to make your ankles warmer, just like in the outfit below.
Leg Warmers to keep you warm

What other ways can you think of to wear leg warmers? Do you have a post on your site where you wore them? Link to it below!

1 comment:

  1. Love this one! I have one pair of leg warmers! LOVE LOVE



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