Ask Away...: Active Work Clothes are an Investment

November 10, 2012

Active Work Clothes are an Investment

Dickies is a brand that has long been around, and is famous for it's high quality clothing, especially when it comes to apparel for work.  Whether it's work pants for men or oxford shirts for women, there are times when you need to seek out quality rather than how much you can buy for your money. When I had my part time job years ago, I had to wear khaki pants, sneakers, and a polo shirt.  Let me tell you, I thought cheap shoes and a shirt would work, but after standing for 3 hours I learned I was wrong.  I would be freezing in the winter because my shirt was too thin and it would become stretched out from washing it frequently. 

Dickies is a brand that is proud of their high quality materials and I've never heard a complaint about them. There are times when you can't just try to dress fashionable, you have to dress realistic, practical, and comfortable, especially when it's related to a job.  I know my mom is always buying my dad Dickies work clothes.  He's on his feet all day in all kinds of temperatures depending on the weather. 

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