Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being Prepared to Travel for Thanksgiving

Remember what to pack when traveling for the holidays this year.  It’s important to use a good bag that can hold all of your essentials wherever you may go.  I suggest the Melie Bianco Drew Tote from Silvia’s Handbags! It’s big but it has handles that make it easy to carry plus it looks great!!

Be ready for chilly temperatures with a scarf, like this Houndstooth Scarf from The Trendy Boutique.  It’s fashionable and it will help keep your hair from getting wet in the rain or messed up from the wind.

If you are travelling with your pooch, remember to bring a car seat so your dog can travel safely with you.  The Aviator Car Seat Carrier from Bloomingtails is great because it doubles as a car seat and a carrier for when you get out of the car.  It’s important to make sure your pet is always strapped in correctly in case of an accident. 

Travel safely!

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