Ask Away...: Cut Down Your Prep Time in the AM

November 14, 2012

Cut Down Your Prep Time in the AM

Rushing off to work in a tizzy can give you a stressful start to the day so here are a few tips to make it easier.

1.  Wear a watch so you can monitor the time. 

This watch is so cute and fashionable from Rebellious Addiction Two. It's easy to tell time when you like looking at your wrist, right?   Make sure you stick to a schedule of when to start getting dressed, when to eat breakfast, when to pack your work bag, etc.

2. Don't spend minutes picking out jewelry.

If you can't remember to pick out your jewelry the night before, then just grab something very versatile that goes with anything you may wear.  A great recommendation is the Layla Personalized Necklace from Wickedly Mod.  You can't go wrong with something personalized like this.

3. Make sure your jewelry is easy to put on.

You don't want something that's very difficult to clasp on so when you pick your jewelry, make sure you have something that's easy to attach if no one is at home to help you.  I have a lace cuff bracelet from The Parris Domestic.  It's the perfect length to make it super easy to hook the clasp and it doesn't get caught on my clothing while I get ready.

4.  Pick your outfit out the night before. 

I have my outfits ready for the entire week.  Everything is organized and I don't have to go rooting around in drawers, even for a bra.  That's because I use the Bra Tree which keeps my bras hanging in an organized manner and they are even hung and grouped by color!

5.  Have your makeup organized.

Nothing is worse than scrambling to find that eyeshadow that goes perfectly with your outfit.  Keep your makeup organized at all times so it's easy to find what you need.  My makeup organizer is the My Face Case and it works great!

What ways do you make it easier to get ready in the morning?

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