Ask Away...: Giving a Friend Relationship Advice {{Advice}}

November 5, 2012

Giving a Friend Relationship Advice {{Advice}}

My friend has a boyfriend and lately shes been talking to an ex on the phone behind her boyfriends back. I would never tell her boyfriend but i want to tell her she really shouldn't be talking to an ex if her boyfriend doesn't know. Its up to her of course if she tells him or not but do you think it would be out of line if I did say something to her?

Dear Amanda:
As long as she has made you aware of what she's doing, then I think you can say something.  Next time you are alone with her make sure to bring it up in a non accusatory manner.  One way is "Do you think it's even worth staying in a relationship with ***?  The fact that you are talking to *** might mean that you are no longer in to ***(First guy's name)."  If she seems to realize she's making a mistake talking to her ex then make sure to support her with that and help her figure out the best way to go about stopping all future conversation.  Just be supportive, while still being honest.
Good luck!

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  1. Yes she needs to tell her friend but she must be prepared if her friend gets 1) bitchy about it or 2) Her friend continues her bad behavior. Once she's said her peace she has to either Let it Go and move on and stay friends or if it's something that she doesn't condone, then she needs to re-evaluate the friendship.


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