Ask Away...: Important Layering Trick

November 2, 2012

Important Layering Trick

Layering is very fun in the cool weather months for many reasons.  You can wear things from a warmer season instead of having to go buy an entirely new wardrobe.  By layering them you stay warmer.  Layering is also great when it comes to adding colors to your outfit.  It can also flatter your curves if you layer correctly.

There is one key though, when it comes to layering, that will ensure you do it right. 

Short over long over slim.  
Layering Outfit

This means, that if you wear slim or skinny jeans (above, by Celebrity Pink Jeans) or trousers, you should wear a longer top, with a shorter top over it.  If you wear all long tops over baggier pants you will look frumpy and you certainly won’t make a great fashion statement.  So just remember SLS – Short Long Slim!!

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