Friday, November 23, 2012

Long or Short Hair? {{Advice}}

Is long hair still in or is it better to go short? My hair is almost to my waist and I want to try to stay somewhat "in" style with my hair.. suggestions?  

photo by kk+via PhotoRee
Dear Donna: 
It all depends on what you have more of..talent with hair styles...or more things that take up time.  If you find yourself always in a rush, a lower maintenance hair length could be better for you but sometimes short hair still requires a lot of styling to keep it's shape.  If you don't mind having to take a few extra minutes to dry, straighten, and style longer hair than go for it.  I personally like long hair because I feel like there's more options for it and plus I can always cut it a bit short, but if I don't like having super short hair it will take a while to grow back!!
Good luck!

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