Friday, November 9, 2012

Pajama Jeans {{Advice}}

I was thinking about purchasing some Pajama Jeans. They sound so comfortable and, from the pictures, look like real jeans. I was wondering if you would wear them or if you have had experience with these.

photo by obo-bobolinavia PhotoRee

Dear Donna:
I personally wouldn't wear them only because I have jeans and I have leggings and even yoga pants so between the three I can choose one of those.  I personally wouldn't wear pajama jeans outin public only because I think they are cheap and tacky, but that's just my opinion.  They pretty much are the same thing as jeggings though except I don't like that they print on the fabric to look like real jeans.  I guess it just depends on what you are into.  Either way, good luck!


  1. Ellen you KNOW I ADORE you but I couldn't disagree more.

    I must be "cheap and tacky" lol....I have TWO pairs of pajama jeans and ADORE them.....I happen to have both pairs in a"boot-leg" cut, so nope! They aren't like leggings. When they began they were, not anymore!

    I LOVE them for traveling on airplanes...and BTW...when I have worn them in public NO ONE could tell the difference :)

  2. I just got some at the goodwill...and let me tell you, they are SUPER comfy! I love the idea of wearing them for traveling - definitely will have to do that for my next trip!


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