Ask Away...: Reconnecting With a Friend {{Advice}}

November 17, 2012

Reconnecting With a Friend {{Advice}}

This is a Facebook question.  I reconnected with an old friend on FB, we met for dinner and had a nice time.  I havent heard from her since.  Should I unfriend her or keep her on there?

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Dear Judy:
She could be really busy.  Sometimes we are so used to our own routine of how often we check our Facebook that we don't realize some people might be too busy to get on and connect with us.  If you see her posting things though and you know she's active at least on the internet, try texting or Facebooking her just to say, hey I had a lot of fun when we had dinner the other night.  Can we do it again in the next couple of weeks? Let me know what weeks or days are good for you?  This will be the easiest way to tell if she wants to hang out with you again or not. 
Good luck!

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