Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seriously Addicted to Biscoff

Biscoff is Europe’s number oine cookie.  You may have seen Biscoff cookies before, as they are often an airline snack. Biscoff cookies are baked from an original 1931 recipe.  They are made of all natural ingredients and they are also vegan friendly!  There is 0 cholesterol and trans fat per serving.  And of course they are baked in Belgium by Lotus Bakeries! There is a delicious spread for them which is a great alternative to peanut butter.   The spread also is vegan friendly, free of nuts, and contains no artificial ingredients. 

I received cookies and the creamy and crunchy spread.  These are an awesome snack and they are a decent size so you only need 2.  I like making sandwich cookies out of them.  They are so delicious and I ate them guilt free considering there was 0 trans fat!!    You have to try these especially if you are on a diet!!

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