Ask Away...: Spikes and Crosses are SO In!

November 7, 2012

Spikes and Crosses are SO In!

Spikes don't have to be big bold and scary for you.  They come in many sizes and colors and designs.  It's up to YOU to choose what is most fitting for your style.

This Dainty Spike Necklace from The Parris Domestic is perfect for adding just a little bit of spike to your look but still keeping it small and simple.  I love the violet color, as it would be perfect to match up with a pink or purple look.

Another favorable trend with jewelry is the cross.  I love this cross charm necklace from Wickedly Mod.  You can even have it personalized, but either way the cross is dainty and beautiful!

What trends have you seen lately with crosses and spikes?  Have you seen them together at all?

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