Ask Away...: Strappys Elegant Bling Bra Straps Review

November 8, 2012

Strappys Elegant Bling Bra Straps Review

Have you ever put an outfit together, but when you actually put it on, something doesn’t look right?  More specifically, maybe your bra straps are peaking out or the strapless top doesn’t look right on your.  Well, that’s why Strappys  is the solution for you.  Strappys are decorative bra straps that no longer allow faux pas to occur when you let your bra straps show.  Instead, Strappys help the bra straps look like part of the outfit.  They have several different designs and styles including beads, fabric, rhinestone, and charms.  There is a Strappy out there for every girl and every outfit! 

I received the Elegant Bling Bra Straps.  They are gorgeous and very comfortable.  They don’t pinch or snag my skin or my clothes and they look so classy just like they are part of my outfit when I wear them.  They were really easy to attach to my regular bra.  I personally think they go great with a strapless dress or an off the shoulder top.  These straps are actually reinforced so that someone with even a DD cup can wear them!!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea, I've always had one of those scenarios when the annoying bra strap takes a peek from the perfect outfit ruining the show for you.

  2. Absolutely beautiful I need to get myself a set of these for all my strapless tops and dresses


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