Monday, November 26, 2012

Style it with Silver

A touch of silver whether it's a bag or your jewelry can add some sparkle to any outfit.   Here are a few ways to add Silver to your look!

1.  A Silver Bag

Silver handbags give any outfit a polished look.  This Melie Bianco Clair Turn Lock Handbag from Silvia's Handbags would do just the trick! This bag is very practical as well because it can be used on a daily basis since it has a comfortably sized shoulder strap and a size big enough to carry all your daily needs. 

2.  Silver Earrings

These Silver Teardrop Earrings from Rebellious Addiction Two  would go great with an evening dress or just with a nice polished business look for the office.  They glisten and sparkle and will look great with your hair pulled back.

3. SIlver Spikes

Spikes are a huge trend right now and while they come in gold and silver, I like the silver spikes because they make a bit more of a statement.  This Spike Necklace from The Parris Domestic is a great way to finish off your look. It's dainty but still makes a shiny statement.

4. Silver Rings

A silver ring is a great way to make even the tips of your fingers look great.  Stackable rings can make a great statement and this ALEXA Stackable Ring from Wickedly Mod can actually be personalized!

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