Ask Away...: What Heel Size is Best for You {{Advice}}

November 9, 2012

What Heel Size is Best for You {{Advice}}

I really want some tall boots with tall heels but I am not use to heels reading the reviews most say they are easy to walk in. My question is are these really easy to walk in or are they easy for experienced heel wearers?

Dear Alyshia:
It is something you have to get used to and ultimately it's not as good for your feet, so I suggest getting wedge boots.  It's much easier to walk correctly and balance on a wedge platform rather than a stiletto-type heel.  You can also look for heels that are thicker.  Make sure you walk around the store in them for a few minutes first and make sure you can stand
up, balance, and you don't have any major discomfort. 

Good luck!

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