Ask Away...: What to Look for in Winter Shoes

November 13, 2012

What to Look for in Winter Shoes

When shopping for shoes in the winter, remember to look for high quality shoes that will with stand wear and tear from walking to and from work, walking around your work site, and make sure you find a pair that will last for years to come.  Nunn Bush, for instance, is a brand that has oxfords, loafers, and even walking shoes.  Their brand has a versatile line, whether it's for casual wear, or for a classy look in the office, you can easily find a shoe that's right for you.

Quality leather can make or break a shoe.  Real leather is more durable and actually shapes and forms to your foot so it will be more comfortable in the long run. 

A shoe with proper arch support, like the walking shoes at Nunn Bush, will ensure that your feet won't get tired right away and will keep you pain free on a daily basis.  Without proper support, you can end up with a foot injury or have problems down the road.

Additionally, everyone should own a pair of dress shoes.  You never know when a formal occassion, be it a dinner, gala, funeral, or wedding will come up and you will be pressed to find the proper attire. 

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