Ask Away...: When A Stranger Makes A Rude Comment {{Advice}}

November 8, 2012

When A Stranger Makes A Rude Comment {{Advice}}

When my toddler and I have been out in public together, I have had comments now from two strangers about how she looks nothing like me and that she must look like her Dad.  My daughter is bi-racial, and if people saw the three of us together, I think they would realize that she does actually look like a mixture of both of us.  I don't know how to respond when someone says this, or really why they are saying it at all.

Dear Sharon:
Honestly, if I were you, the next time someone says that I'd reply with "Wow, that's a pretty bold statement to make".  Right away they will regret saying what they did.  Then finish it off by saying "She's actually bi-racial and I think she looks like a perfect mix of the two of us."  You are reassuring yourself with this comment and asserting them!!  Some people are just rude and have no social skills!! 
Good luck!

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