Ask Away...: ANON9 Jewelry Review & *Giveaway* Ends 1/4

December 28, 2012

ANON9 Jewelry Review & *Giveaway* Ends 1/4

If there's one thing I love about jewelry it's the fact that I can wear spikes and a more rebellious style of jewelry with nearly any kind of outfit.  That's why I love ANON9 Jewelry. ANON9 Jewelry carries amazingly trendy spikes, balls, and other unique jewelry that can look good with so many different outfits. They come in different colors and I love the combinations of spikes with balls!

I received 4 different necklaces from ANON9. I love the way they went with even the classiest of outfits and still gave me a polished look.  They weren't overly gaudy and the black tone of them made it easy to pair with other colors in my wardrobe.  I really love the details and the patterns (spike, ball, spike, ball) and the craftsmanship is beautiful.  The clasps were so easy to open and close and these necklaces didn't even come close to breaking or snapping!  My absolute favorite was the circular "starburst" necklace in the third picture.  It looks so great with a scoop neck top and I got so many compliments on it! Everyone wanted to know where it was from!

There is a great giveaway for 2 different necklaces.  One winner will receive the single spike ball necklace (first picture) and one will receive the ball and spike necklace (last picture) !

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  1. ooops you have visit "wash and zip bed" and tell me what you want lol. I want any of these necklaces!

  2. Great necklaces..... I dont spend much on myself so need to win some new jewlery LOL

  3. I like their Large Crystal Pendant Gunmetal Chain Necklace! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway and happy New Year!

  4. i love the gun metal earrings

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  5. I love the Metal Choker Crystal Spike Necklace

  6. Blue Agate Leather Silver Spike Necklace

    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

  7. I like the Crystal Spike Silver Pendant Leather Necklace

  8. The large spike blue crystal necklace.

  9. All of it, its all so daring

  10. I like the Spike Black Lilac Glass Flower Earring
    iloveher6923 at yahoo dot com


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