Ask Away...: Boxed Hair Color {{Advice}}

December 18, 2012

Boxed Hair Color {{Advice}}

I was wondering what you think about boxed hair color from a drugstore or supermarket.  I want to have a rich color from root to tip without the price you pay at a salon.  Is a certain brand better than others and is a permanent or temporary color better for your hair?

photo by marimoonvia PhotoRee
Dear Andrea:
Want to know a secret?  I dye my hair myself from a box.  I keep it the same solid color it is now I just don't like it when it lightens so I basically maintain the color.  I get two boxes so that I have enough dye to cover my head.  I use Garnier and have never had a problem and found the color lasts the longest.    If you are going lighter I would say that you should see a professional hair stylist and colorist. 
Good luck!

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