Ask Away...: Getting Rid of Clutter {{Advice}}

December 27, 2012

Getting Rid of Clutter {{Advice}}

Ellen - I know you like cleaning and staying organized - so I was wondering how you manage clutter and keep your home clutter free? 
Thanks in advance,

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Dear Sherry:
I start by cleaning everything out and minimalizing everything I have.  I don't need 10 pairs of scissors especially when only 5 of them work good. SO pitch or donate the rest.    I clean out drawers and storage bins and compartments first.  Then I clean off all surfaces.  I try to not put decorations everywhere, because it tends to add to clutter and not look clean and open and peaceful.  Once your drawers are clean, you can store the items you remove from counters and other surfaces in the drawers and storage compartments.  Then keep up with it every day at all times.  Don't toss somethign to the side so you can clean it up later...put it where it goes RIGHT NOW! That's at least a start, but starting in 2013 I'll be posting much more often about how I live a clutter free, minimalist-type life!
Good luck!

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