Ask Away...: Gift Idea {{Advice}}

December 19, 2012

Gift Idea {{Advice}}

I could use some shopping advice. I need to buy my BFF and her husband a christmas gift.. and to be honest I am terrible and buying for others.. I always worry that I will not get something they like. 

They both work hard and she has been like a sister to me since grades school and we are not older. So I want it to be special. But it is hard as we could not be more different.. I am into makeup and girly things and she likes football, etc. 
She does not cook... i cook etc. So we are different and I just have no idea what to do. Her hubby loves football and is into gaming... Suggestions please?


photo by Liam Higginsvia PhotoRee
Dear Donna: 
Okay, how about this... get them a Christmas Tree ornament with their favorite team on it.  And even a blanket. Any sports team apparel store has all of that stuff.  It's a great gift idea for anyone that likes sports!
Good luck!

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