Ask Away...: Gift Ideas for a Sister

December 4, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Sister

I put together a few great items that would make an ideal Holiday Gift for a sister! 
A Melie Bianco Handbag from Silvia’s Handbags 

A Melie Bianco Handbag from Silvia's Handbags is a great gift.  They are durable and very fashionable.  Unlike most handbags, you can actually fit your everyday life in a Melie Bianco bag and you don’t have to worry about straps breaking.  What a great gift for a sister to unwrap on Christmas Day!

A Personalized Pillow

What better to have as a decorative throw pillow for a couch or bed than a personalized pillow!! The Trendy Boutique has a great selection of Personalized Pillows that come in gorgeous fabrics and designs! That’s a unique AND useful gift!

A Gorgeous Scarf

Rebellious Addiction Two has an adorable tasseled leopard print scarf that would be a perfect addition to any girls wardrobe!

A Makeup Organizer

My Face Case is a great way for your sister to keep her makeup organized, clean, and easy to get to!  You can pick any fun pattern that fits her personality.

A Bra Tree

A Bra Tree will make her life easier and more organized and it is a gurantee that her friends will ask where she got it and she can proudly say it was a GREAT gift from her sister!

A Lace Cuff Bracelet in a Statement Color

Try a Red Lace Cuff Bracelet from The Parris Domestic.  It will be a great statement piece and it's different since it's not a typical metal cuff!  That also means it will be more comfortable for her to wear!
A Personalized Necklace with Both of Your Names

What better way to include both of your names and the word sisters, than a personalized pendant necklace from Wickedly Mod.

A Luggage Tag of Her Dog

Choose the breed she loves and get a luggage tag from Bloomingtails for her.  If she doesn't travel, there are plenty of other gift items at Bloomingtails to choose from!

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