Ask Away...: Gola Shoes

December 12, 2012

Gola Shoes

Gola is a brand of footwear  that first made their shoes for athletes.  Thanks to advances in technology they were able to make their shoes more versatile and lightweight.  Athletes begun wearing these shoes when they would accomplish great feats and it brought the brand a lot of recognition.  Back in the 1970’s shoes this great were a very new thing so you can only imagine the fuss over them!

I received the Spirit shoes in Gold/Red/Ecru.  These shoes are awesome! They are so comfortable and easy to move in.  I use them during my workouts and they are so great.  It’s nylon and suede so it’s very easy to keep clean but my favorite part of it is the awesome flag on the tongue of the shoe.  I can’t believe how great these shoes were for everyday use!  I love their sleek athletic look too!
This is a great fitness shoe and a fantastic everyday shoe!

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