Ask Away...: J Fein Designs Review & *Giveaway* Ends 12/12

December 5, 2012

J Fein Designs Review & *Giveaway* Ends 12/12

J Fein Designs  is a website where you can find hand crafted, artisan, eco-friendly jewelry.  They are full of rich metallics, vintage cameos, and Swarovski rings and earrings.  I especially love the upcycled vintage jewelry.  Everything is socially responsible and there's a great selection. 

I received a flower ring from J Fein Designs and I seriously love it.  It's big enough to be a statement ring but it's not too big that it gets in the way and prevents me from doing A LOT with my hands.  It's very comfortable and easy to match with all different outfits since it's just a simple color like black.  I love the attention to detail and how well it photographs!

And now through 12/25 - use code Ellen20 for 20% off a purchase of $19 or more!

One winner will receive a flower ring of their own!
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