Ask Away...: Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance - Stuff it in the Stocking!

December 19, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance - Stuff it in the Stocking!

A great stocking stuffer for a girlfriend in your life, or even a Lady Gaga fan, is Lady Gaga's new fragrance - Fame! I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of it from the People StyleWatch Styler Hunters that I am a part of, and it is amazing.  It has a dark, sensual, and feminine smell.  The dark is made up of something that smells like incense.  The feminine part is my favorite - it smells of Jasmine!!  I love Jasmine! It's a very light smell that doesn't irritate your nose.  The sensual scent is a mix of apricot and honey. The bottle is gorgeous and overall, this is a great scent for an evening out or even when you just want to leave your scent trail anywhere you go.  It will definitely turn heads!

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