Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Necessary Clothing

Necessary Clothing  is an American clothing store located in New York.   They also have an online shop, where you can find all the latest trends at fabulously affordable prices.  I love the different designs and patterns they have on their items, making them different from the usual blazer or shirt.   Whether it's a romper you are looking for or just a regular shirt, or even a handbag, Necessary Clothing has a great selection of everything!

I received a Houndstooth Shirt and a black blazer from Necessary Clothing.  The blazer is so so comfortable and fits great.  I love the details like the brown elbow pads.  This gives it the traditional riding jacket look!     I decided to style them together in my outfit post.  They seriously look amazing together and i love the houndstooth shirt.  It was very lightweight and it was easy to layer with this jacket.  

The quality of these items is very obvious when you wear them.  They don't get snagged on anything and they don't have itchy seams.  I really loved the blazer because it was a perfect length and it was so so comfortable, I almost forgot I had it on!!!   Check them out today on Facebook and Twitter!

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