Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pretty Punk Jewelry

As fashionable as I try to be everyday, I still love showing my punkish rebellious side.  Even if I just do it with one item in my outfit, it feels good embracing that part of me and expressing myself that way.  That's what really attracted me to Pretty Punk Jewelry.  At Pretty Punk Jewelry you can find vintage inspired modern jewelry with an awesome twist.  You can anything from earrings that look like little pill capsules, to skull and cross beaded jewelry. 

I actually received these amazing cross earrings from Pretty Punk Jewelry.  I am absolutely in love with them because they go with so much and I love how long they are.  They were really easy to put in and the fact that they can be as subtle or as eccentic as I allow them to be, I feel pretty confident when I wear them.  They look great with so many different outfits and they are so lightweight and comfortable! These studs
are only $12!! Be sure to check out the fab selection at Pretty Punk Jewelry!!

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