Sunday, December 9, 2012

Savorfull Review

Savorfull  is a new way to receive a monthly box of goodies.  You’ve heard of the companies that send you makeup samples or other products, but Savorfull sends you healthy food products and recipes each month for a very low cost.  

I received a sample box from Savorfull and I was quite impressed.  In my box was:
Skinny Pop Popcorn – It was delicious and only 39 calories a cup.  There are no preservatives so this is a great snack food to put into your system.  I thought it was so delicious and it’s great for my diet. 
Enjoy Life – Sunbutter Crunch Chewy Bar – This was a great afternoon snack before my workout.  It’s got clean ingredients and it’s allergy friendly.  Delicious and free of artificial anything!
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix – I was so excited to see something as cool as this included in this box!  It’s a healthy, gluten free pizza crust mix and it was delicious and easy to make!  
Lucy’s Cookies Chocolate Merry Mint – These cookies were so delicious and are my favorite new snack.  It gave me my chocolate craving AND was refreshing with a hint of mint.  I can’t believe how nutritionally rich these were.  DELICIOUS!!!  
Also included in the box was a recipe for Dairy, Gluten, & egg free Cinnamon Roll Bites, so I decided to try to make them.  It was very easy and very delicious.   

This is a great idea for anyone who likes to change up what they eat in their diet routine but still wants to be careful what they are putting in their body.  I must say that at $15 a month you can’t beat it!

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