Ask Away...: Staying Apart when Living Together {{Advice}}

December 21, 2012

Staying Apart when Living Together {{Advice}}

Ellen -
My boyfriend and I live together and sometimes we bicker over ridiculous little things because we are both stressed out and we just get on each other's nerves.  We honestly just don't get enough time alone at home because we both work identical hours.  Do you have any easy solutions, especially for the next few cold wintery months, for us to stay apart while in the same house?

photo by Ivars Krutainisvia PhotoRee
Dear Meagan:
Try watching TV in different rooms.  You watch your show, he can watch his.  You get time by yourself and you can watch whatever you want.  Also,  little projects and crafts in your own little area or space at home are another way to escape each other while still being in the same 1000 foot radius.  Anything you can do that keeps you busy, separate from him is a great idea.  It gives you time to decompress.  Yoga, or meditating alone in a quiet room is another great idea.  I know it's not always ideal to leave the house when you don't want to but sometimes you just have to physically get out there and exercise, visit a friend, or go shopping!
Good luck!

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