Ask Away...: The Dramatic Bride-To-Be {{Advice}}

December 6, 2012

The Dramatic Bride-To-Be {{Advice}}

My sister-in-law( my husbands sister) keeps having one failed engagement after another. She meets a man and 1 month later they are engaged and planning a wedding. Out of 5 engagements(she's 35) only one progressed to a wedding, but a year later they were divorced. I find this hard to swallow and it's affecting my relationship with her. I have not said anything to her and probably never will, but how do I get past just being so angry about all the constant bad choices she makes. Its a revolving door of men. Example within a 3 month period their was a divorce, an engagement, the infamous "Will you be a bridesmaid?", and now "we broke up". What can my husband and I say when we will be asked to be in another one of her weddings? We do not want to keep going through all of this. On a side note many people have told her to slow down, but she doesn't listen and then wonders why this keeps happening to her.  Thanks Ellen!

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Dear Sharon:
 Well, maybe next time she starts talking marriage you guys can mention to her that she should really make sure this is the one and maybe should wait it out a few more months to see how it goes.  Try to slow her down that way.  If it's inevitable and she keeps rushing ahead with them, then the next time you are asked, tell her that you just can't do it because it's very stressful and draining on you guys to prepare for your part in a wedding that hasn't happened a couple times before.  Make sure you let her know that you want to know that she's ABSOLUTELY sure about this one and if she is, only then will you agree to comply.   Definitely let her know how you feel but do it in a way where you aren't saying YOU YOU YOU.... just say "I feel like you should make sure this is THE ONE".  
Good luck!

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