Ask Away...: The Hills Jewelry Shop

December 6, 2012

The Hills Jewelry Shop

The Hills Jewelry  shop on etsy is a fabulous place to get amazingly handcrafted statement jewelry in bright vibrant colors and luxurious styles.  I like that this shop has a lot of black beaded jewelry as well because black jewelry goes with nearly anything!   There’s just such a great selection and what I think sets The Hills Jewelry aside from other jewelry shops is that they have unique pendants like a horse, dragonfly, and butterfly mixed in with beaded designs and vibrant colors.

I actually received this gorgeous green and gold necklace (and matching earrings) from The Hills Jewelry.  I love how chunky and large it is but it isn’t too heavy and it doesn’t get in the way EVER!! It looks so fancy and luxurious and the green color is so vibrant.    I got a lot of compliments on this necklace and I found that it is PERFECT for when you wear an outfit that has any touch of green in it.  I absolutely love that it stays in place and can’t get twisted because it has a permanent curve in it.  This necklace is perfect.  I never thought I would love a green necklace so much!!!!

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