Ask Away...: Why Everyone Needs Fashion Advice

December 18, 2012

Why Everyone Needs Fashion Advice

Have you ever had a moment where all of a sudden you realize you aren't 100% sure if the outfit you are wearing actually looks okay? Maybe the shoes don't completely match your top.  Everyone needs fashion advice at some point in their life.   It's very important that you are never afraid to ask for advice.  Finding a good website to use as a reference point for your questions, or even a fashionable friend that you can always text or call in a bind, will provide much reassurance when you need it most. 

A fashion mistake can last forever.  Who can forget Khloe Kardashian's nip slip?  All she needed was someone to say "NO way, you are DEFINITELY going to pop out of there!" SO just make sure that you are never too humble to ask for help.  

When you are at a store trying things on in the dressing room, never avoid asking someone who works there how your outfit looks.  They do work there for a reason and most of the time they know their selection inside and out so they can always find things for you to mix and match.

So next time someone gives you a suggestion about your outfit, don't take offense to it.  Someday their advice can spare you an entire year of bad jokes about your major fashion faux pas!

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