Thursday, December 13, 2012

Womens Bean Project Review

The Womens Bean Project is a wonderful key to breaking the cycle of poverty and unemployment for women.  Women’s Bean Project is a non profit organization that actually teaches job and life skills for entry-level jobs by hiring people in their gourmet food production and handmade jewelry businesses.   Today, I’m going to focus on their jewelry.  Their jewelry products are made and packaged by their Program Participants and by purchasing jewelry, you are helping break the poverty cycle. 

I received two necklaces from the Womens Bean project.  The first is this beautiful light blue Amazonite with oval designs  on it.  It’s very lightweight and easy to wear and I love the chains that hold each piece to the next.  The card in the jewelry box says it was made by Amber.  The second necklace I received was made by Chalora and it’s a beautiful oxblood, gold, and green beaded necklace.  It’s longer which is nice and still lightweight and I love how fancy it looks.  You can tell both of these pieces were carefully handcrafted with great effort and patience and the craftsmanship is just amazing.

It’s very important to make a statement with jewelry,  not just with colors and how it looks but with the story behind it.  That’s why next time you need a piece of jewelry for your wardrobe, try checking out a website like Womens Bean Project first!

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