Ask Away...: Extremely Dry Skin {{Advice}}

January 21, 2013

Extremely Dry Skin {{Advice}}

The skin on my face, hands and feet are always SO dry! I put lotion on three or four times a day and I never feel like I can get enough on. I have tried other lotions and none of them help!? What can I do? 


photo by wine me upvia PhotoRee

Dear Whitney:
Dry using something that isn't very fragrant.  I like Udderly Smooth cream.  Coat your hands and feet with it before bed and sleep in socks and rubber gloves.  When you wake up your hands and feet should be much better.  Do this maybe once a week. For your face, don't use any highly medicated facial products unless you have to.  Make sure everything has moisturizing formulas in it and put lotion on in the morning and at night. 
Good luck!

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