Ask Away...: Must Haves for Any Big Event

January 7, 2013

Must Haves for Any Big Event

Appropriate Clutch

The Melie Bianco Edith Bag from Silvia's Handbags is perfect because you can utilize the handle, as if it were a mini briefcase, of you can use the shoulder strap to keep your hands free!

A Statement Watch

A statement watch like my personal favorite, the Leather Wrap Around Watch from The Trendy Boutique is perfect for drawing attention to your sense of style, all while staying practical, allowing you to check the time whenever you please.  I absolutely love love love these watches!

Some Sort of Skull

Skulls are in!! And a skull bracelet like this bling skull bracelet from Rebellious Addiction Two gives you a stylish look without the gothic undertones.

Something with Meaningful Sentimental Value
Sometimes when you are out at a big event, you can get a little homesick, while your little guy is being babysat by a relative.  Keep your babies close to your heart with a personalized necklace from Wickedly Mod.

A Makeup Bag to Get Ready if you Don't Have Time at Home

It's okay if you aren't ready when you leave the house, but if you keep everything in a My Face Case, you can have all your makeup essentials together and organized, and when you are finished, you can simply cinch it up and close it and everything stays neat and organized.

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