Ask Away...: Showing Too Much Skin in Winter

January 24, 2013

Showing Too Much Skin in Winter

photo by Jason Hargrovevia PhotoRee

How do you know if you’re showing too much skinWhat IS showing too much skin? When it comes to fashion, no matter what you wear, you always need to keep it classy.  Showing too much skin is typically envisioned as letting cleavage pop out or wearing a skirt that only covers an 1/8th of your thigh, but really… showing skin is a way of your outfit telling you that you aren’t fitting into it correctly.  

 How do you know if you are showing too much skin?
When you bend over, does your shirt come up so that skin on your back shows? 
 Is your bra peeking out of your shirt? 
Can you not even bend over without feeling like your flashing everyone underneath your skirt?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably showing too much skin? 

How can I prevent this from happening?

1.       Always wear a shirt that comes half way down your zipper in the front of your pants.  This way you can bend over safely.  And if you want to wear a cropped top or jacket, that’s fine, just wear a long enough shirt underneath.

2.       Always wear tights under a skirt that is short, or make sure that when you stand with your arms straight down to your legs, the skirt at least comes to your fingertips… but about an inch or two past that is even more safe.

3.        Always wear a cami or a bra top underneath a super low cut shirt.  Or, you can always add a scarf to cover up your cleavage. 

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