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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Dip [RECIPE]

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Before you attack me, yes I'm well aware of the fact that this isn't a healthy dessert recipe at all.  That being said, it's an easy recipe and it's a good thing to make if you are asked to bring a dessert to a party.  I love this because it tastes like peanut butter cups and cream cheese - my two personal favorites!

What you need:
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 box of vanilla pudding mix
4 Tbsp milk
16 oz frozen whipped topping
8 oz Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups (chopped)

1. Mix the cream cheese and vanilla pudding mix in a bowl with a hand mixer on low speed.

2. Add milk and mix on a high speed for 1 minute until combined. Then add whipped topping a few spoonfuls at a time.

3. Use a food processor to chop peanut butter cups then stir into the mix.

4. Serve with graham cracker dipping sticks, crackers, or anything else you want!

Voila! And here is a printable image of the recipe that you can either print out or save as an image in your phone!

If you try this, let me know below!

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Monday, February 20, 2017


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Your Guide To Planning A Wedding That Won't Cost The Earth

A wedding is as expensive as you make it. Some brides are happy to throw their money at it, never skimping or compromising on any aspect, from the dress to the band, and the venue to the flowers. Other brides would prefer not to spend that sort of money. Maybe they have other commitments, or they would just like to travel the world or buy their family home with that money instead. It’s all down to personal preference, but it’s far easier to spend more than less. Trying to keep costs low can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. It’s all about good planning, and maybe compromising on a couple of things too. Don’t give up trying before you give these ideas a go.

Decide what matters
For some people the wedding is all about the guests, for others it’s all about the beautiful venue or the food. When money isn’t infinite, you can’t necessarily have it all. Focus on what’s most important to you, and decide what you’re willing to let slip if you have to. Cutting out the entertainment in favor of a mixtape saves that cost. Maybe keeping the number of bridesmaids to a minimum to save on their dresses? Or perhaps you think a cheaper caterer is the way to go? Discuss what matters most between you and your future husband, and not what you think matters most to your guests.

Say goodbye to tradition
Many weddings follow a traditional pattern: snazzy wedding vehicle, beautiful church wedding, reception venue, party, honeymoon. Are all of these things important to you, or are you willing to forgo any of them? Maybe arrive at the wedding by your own car, scrap the church setting for a registry office? Or even skip the reception in favor of a cheaper party? Tradition can be expensive because traditional venues can charge the prices everyone will pay. If you wed outside the box, so to speak, you can keep costs much lower.

Shop around
Any producers who make wedding related things can charge high prices - see it as a wedding tax. But some are fairer than others, and so like with any big purchases, shopping around guarantees savings. Spend some time understanding everything from the diamond price for the engagement ring to the cost of various types of flowers. Don’t let the producers cheat you out of extra cash by being unaware of the true costs.

Keep your guest list down
Your loved ones are one of the most expensive things about a wedding, it’s sad to say. Being a little bit ruthless with the guest list is the best way to keep costs low. Decide how much your budget can allow for, and stick to it. If you’ve not seen your second cousin for a few years, don’t feel obliged to invite them - keep the wedding for people you know and love dearly. If you’ve chosen to leave someone out, like your second cousin, contact them directly and explain - most people will be perfectly understanding. You could also ask people not to bring a plus one, inviting couples separately - who needs to pay to feed their cousin’s latest fling after all?

Good luck, and happy planning!

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DIY (Do It Yourself) or LIB (Leave It Be)?

Nowadays, people like to think that they can turn their hand to anything. The growing trend of DIY and  the need to be frugal is on the rise, but who can blame those who indulge in it? Jobs around the home can cost big money, and that’s just getting the tools needed rather than hiring in the help. Bills can add up dramatically, especially if it’s following the purchase of a new home. However, there are some jobs which you do just need to leave to the professionals to save on further cash having to be shelled out to correct what’s gone wrong - or to save your sanity and your health.  


If you’re not too au fait with a paintbrush or don’t know how to lay a roll of wallpaper correctly, definitely consider hiring somebody to do it - even if it’s just a skilled friend. Getting a paint job right can be the difference between spending hours and days doing it. This is an essential spend if you are a parent and don’t have the ability to juggle managing your children and getting the job done quickly; it’s quite a time-consuming effort, and if you have kids to tend to or running around you, then it just won’t be done properly. It’s a relatively easy thing to do if you’ve done it before and know how, but if it’s your first time then don’t try unless you’re open to the idea of redecorating again to cover any mistakes that may be made.


Any remodelling work should definitely be left to a professional if it’s not something you have touched on before. There are great how-tos floating about on the internet for your perusal, but a mis-measurement of even just a few millimetres could see your project coming to a massive halt and more money being spent to fix the problem. If you use home improvement contractors to do the job, they will have had years of experience and it’s their name put to the work that they’ve done; most, if not all, have reliable insurance to cover any mishaps.

Plumbing and Wiring

People usually learn a trade over several years, from being an apprentice or going to college. This is especially true of plumbers and electricians, who know where the next drip or spark is going to come from. Unless you have extensive background knowledge of how to get the job done correctly, it’s really not worth bothering yourself with. The things that could potentially go wrong are far too many, especially if it’s being done by somebody who only has half an idea of what they’re doing. The risk of flood and electrocution are only two of the hazards of not getting the job done properly; the others which aren’t as serious include not fitting the right pipes and parts so having leaks or slow-running water, if it runs at all, and getting the wiring wrong so that the fuses in everything blow or just don’t work at all. They’re tricky and learned trades for a reason - let’s leave them to the professionals.

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Four Pre-Wedding Moments You’ll Treasure Forever

Don’t think that all the excitement, tears and magical memories happen on the wedding day itself as there are plenty of moments in the run up you’ll want to celebrate. From booking that impossible to get venue, finalising guest lists and deciding what your color scheme is, to going dress shopping with your bridesmaids and booking hair and makeup there are countless little wedding planning triumphs that’ll leave you speechless!

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Sending Out Invitations

Despite all your planning it probably won’t seem real until you finalise the guest list and start sending out your wedding invitations. Handwritten messages look much nicer and give them that extra personal touch even if it’s just the names you write yourself. If you’ve hired a professional designer, they may have a calligrapher on staff that’ll make your
personalised wedding invitations look even more unique. Take time to proofread every invite, menu card and information sheet to make sure you don’t send out any with spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If you’ve DIY’d them check everything is stuck or glued firmly in place. Post them together somewhere quiet, like a local post box so you can take as long as you need.

Pexels By: Alexander Dummer

Menu Tasting

Knowing what you’re going to be eating on your wedding day is really important in case of any food allergies or particular flavour combinations you don’t like. Lots of venues offer tasting sessions, where you narrow down your choices to two starters, mains and desserts plus different wines and decide yourselves which tastes the best. It’s also a fantastic time for you and your fiancé to have a chat about non-wedding stuff, plus giving yourselves permission to relax and enjoy the afternoon together while weighing up the pros and cons of chocolate orange mousse cake, raspberry panna cotta, and creme brûlée.

Pexels By: Pixabay

Final Dress Fitting

This is it! The moment where you’ll truly feel like a bride while wearing the most beautiful dress you've ever owned in your life. Remember to take a handkerchief; there will be happy tears shed, your wedding shoes, bridal underwear, jewellery and veil to your final dress fitting as well as a colour swatch of your bridesmaid's dresses. Having had a makeup / hair trial you should have a good idea of how you’ll look, so now’s the time for any last minute tweaks before your wedding dress is steam cleaned and hung up to 'breathe' before the big day.

Pexels By: Unsplash

Your Last Night

We can’t tell you how you’ll feel right before your wedding although we bet it’ll be a combination of excitement, nerves, and unending happiness. Try to have a quiet one, depending on what time your ceremony starts you may be having a very early wake-up call indeed! Many brides spend their final night as a 'miss' with their families, either having travelled home for the wedding or their loved ones joining them a couple of days beforehand. Allow yourself one, or two glasses of champagne and have a light dinner before going to bed early. You may not sleep much, but it’s better to try and get some rest than worrying about last minute details that’ll end up taking care of themselves.

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Outfit of the Day: Mixing Prints and Patterns

The is one of my favorite outfits yet!  I absolutely love doing fun things like matching prints and patterns.   The top has teeny tiny dots and the color matches the purple tear drops on my leggings. 

People always say that they wouldn't know how to pair things together like this but it's so easy.  Just hold both items up together.  If they majorly clash, don't wear them.  If they look fine, go right ahead.  It's as simple as that!
This is a Large Classic T from LuLaRoe with OS Leggings.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Sell Your Home To The Right People

So, the time has finally come to move home. Your home has seen the good times, the bad times, the best of times; it has been a home of firsts and a home of lasts; it has created many memories that you will hold dear and remember for the rest of your life. But, everything has to eventually come to an end, and your time living at your current home is the end, and the start of a new beginning. It can be very exciting when you decide to sell your home and look for a new property. It signals a new change in your life, and will bring different chapters and passages to your future.


However, before you move into a new home you will need to sell your old one (finances permitting) and that can tend to be a bit stressful if not planned and carried out correctly. You will need to approach estate agents who will do a good job for you and your home, and will not charge extortionate prices for selling your home for you. You will also need to ensure your home is clean, tidy and looks appealing to potential buyers - if your home does not look its best then you will, potentially, not be able to get the price you want for it.

When selling your home, make sure it appeals to the right people who you are aiming to target your home to. For example, if you want prospective buyers to be older, experienced people who may have more money then ensure your home looks right to appeal to them. If your home is going to be targeted to the rental market, such as students, then, again, make sure it appeals to them. If your home comes with extras, such as a big piece of land, make sure the agents put that information on any adverts which will be created, such as ‘5 bedroom family home situated in a quiet suburb, with good sized mountain land for sale.’

It is also important, when selling your home that any relevant furnishings or additions are in the property when potential buyers come to the house for viewings. This allows them to see what the home would look like once they move in. A bare home does not leave the imagination to work, but with your furnishings there it adds an appeal, an atmosphere and ideas of what prospective buyers can do to the home.

Make sure that when you sell your home, that you do not sell it for majorly under the initial selling price that you settled for. Even if you are eager to sell the property, it is important you make a profit off it, especially if you have done substantial work to it which has added significant value to the property, compared to when you first bought it. Think of how you want your house to look, and what would make a property appeal to you and selling won’t be a problem.

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What To Do When The Boiler Breaks Down

If you are a tenant, having a boiler break down is more of an annoyance than anything to truly panic about. Going without hot water and heating for a couple of days while your landlord sorts out a plumber and boiler service repair company is doable; it just takes lots of kettles of hot water to bathe and wash the dishes!
When you’re a homeowner, a boiler breakdown is a whole other ball game. Not only is it you who has to be the one to call the boiler company, but you have to call the insurance companies and make the relevant claims. Having the right coverage in the first place is very important and this review of Fidelity National will help you with that. When the boiler breaks down, the worry and stress of the expense can be draining. It’s illegal to use an appliance that is not gas safe, and if you think it may be broken the best thing you can do is switch it off until you have someone come and visit to check the boiler.
The first thing to do is check if the boiler is actually broken, or just on the fritz. Sometimes a simple push of the reset button can solve the problem and there are some simple checks that you can do yourself to pinpoint the problem. These checks will help you determine whether you can fix it yourself, or if you need an engineer.

Next, you should double check you’re covered. You can actually be covered for emergency repairs to your boiler under your home buildings policy. This can definitely save you some money in the long run and as you’re the person responsible for your boiler being replaced, your purse will thank you later.

Following all this, calling out the engineer is the next step. Never try and fix a boiler yourself. Beyond the reset button, a boiler repair should only be done by a qualified and reputable company. Not only is it dangerous to try and do it yourself, but you could invalidate your insurance policy. When your engineer comes out, double check that they are Gas Safe-registered so that you have the right person in the home. your insurance can be invalidated if someone who is not registered fixes your boiler as it’s basically the same as you doing it yourself!
Getting your boiler serviced regularly can help you to avoid any of the insurance headaches you could get. Boilers are an expensive part of a home and with the costs of replacement over the thousand mark, you need to be vigilant and treat your boiler with care. The cost of breakdown is a large concern for almost half of all homeowners, and sometimes not having the money set to one side is a big mistake.
Being a homeowner may come with a lot of extra work, but keeping safe and vigilant in your home is crucial to ensuring your home stays standing!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rent Doesn't Have To Mean Risk

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A lot of people avoid renting their home because they think renting is too risky. Of course, you can’t be as picky when you’re renting a home. So, you are more limited. But, that doesn’t mean that it has to be risky. Thanks to modern renting laws, in most places, you’re quite safe when it comes to getting kicked out. So, in reality, most of the risk involved with renting come from the tenant themselves. This makes them nice and easy to solve. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways that you can ensure your rent life is nice and secure.

When it comes to protecting yourself from being kicked out, the best thing to have is trust in your landlord. Making sure that you trust someone like this will mean meeting them face-to-face. It’s best to make sure that you see them in the flesh, as this makes it much harder for people to hide their intentions. Give them all of the information they ask for about you. This information should always be accurate; you can’t build trust if you’re lying to the other party. Alongside this, if there’s a real estate agent involved; you should trust them, as well. It’s essential that you build rapport with people like this. When you find a landlord that you like, you’ll know straight away. But, be careful; some people are very good at appearing very friendly.

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Next, once you have a landlord you can trust, you need to make sure that their property is right for you. And, this consideration has to be taken long into the future. You should make sure that the property is available indefinitely. And, you should account for your growing family, if you want to have children. This involves making sure that the house has the right amount of space for you and your family. If any of these things don’t work out, you’ll have to move. And, that’s where the main risk comes from when you rent a home. It costs money each time you move. And, the amount that’s charged can be incredibly expensive. Making sure that the house will be suitable in the future is an essential part of looking for houses for rent. Always make sure that you talk this through with your family.

File:Martin Luther King's Boyhood Home.jpg

It’s important to consider the location, too. In the same way that you consider the size and nature of the house itself. You should make sure that the home is close enough to your work. And, that it’s within walking distance to a school you’d be happy for your children to learn in. At this point, you can think about things that you’d like to live near. Consider the services and shops that you use regularly. But, also consider the way the area looks. All of these things will have a big impact on your life in the future.

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Hopefully, this will give you the helping hand you need to get rid of the risks that come with renting property. It can be hard to find a suitable property for your family. But, once you’ve got it, you want to hold onto it. So, it’s worth taking the right steps to remove the risk from your rental.

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Outfit of the Day - Fun with My Mimi

If you have ever heard of LuLaRoe you probably have heard of the MiMi. It's kind of like a sweater and a shawl.   I freakin love it!  I have one in green too!  You can wear it so many ways.   I start off the day wearing it buttoned up along the front or to the side.

It is actually really fun to wear it in different positions because it covers different parts.

My favorite part of this outfit is that my OS mermaid leggings match perfectly.   When I start to get too warm on my body with the Mimi I like to just wrap it around my neck like a scarf.  It's so fun to be creative with accessories like this.

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Treat Your Partner To Show Your Love

As we are all too aware, February has more romantic connotations than other months because of one special day in the calendar year. Everyone feels more romantically inclined, more loving and for people with partners it is often a time of reflection on how important and essential the relationship is to them. Lots of people choose to go all out when treating their partner and spend heavily on new gadgets, expensive restaurant dates or even a short trip away to help rekindle or continue the romance. In the hospitality trade, especially, businesses make a lot of money throughout February as people are happy to splash out and ensure their date (or other half) has a great evening which they will remember. However, do we really need special days to show and express our love for our partners? Yes, it is important to show our love but it is important to remember to treat your partner whenever you feel like - spontaneity is a great thing.


With this in mind, though, you should not go out and spend lots of money every week on treating your partner. Of course, they will enjoy how generous you are being but it could have a serious detrimental effect on your cash flow. If you were to go out and spend $40 a week on a date, that equates to $160 a month and $1,920 a year. That’s a lot of money, right? Your other half will probably not wanting you spending that amount of money and will be more than happy to spend a romantic, cosy night in with you instead.

Everyone loves being cooked for - so if you want to treat your other half then do some cooking! Remember to think about what sort of food is a favourite dish, and what type of food does not really sit well or agree with your partner. So, for example if your other half really likes poultry-based dishes, and you are thinking of grilling a turkey at home then make sure it has the right seasoning and is cooked thoroughly before serving. Of course, this is the same for any dish, and you should look up potential health risks like salmonella before and during your preparation of the dish to ensure all hazards are eliminated.

Once it is all cooked, you could wipe the dinner table down so it is gleaming and then decorate it with photos of the both of you, some candles and a nice bunch of flowers to add a great smell and some colour to the table. Put on some low level music, dim the lights and put cutlery in place and you have a cheaper alternative to going out to eat - all in the comfort of your own home. You could also put some smart clothes on to impress your other half and you can almost completely guarantee they will be seriously impressed by the amount of effort you have put in to make them feel special. Good luck!

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