Dogs Are Not Gifts

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Ellen,

First I wanted to say I LOVE your blog and all the advice you give, especially about pets. My boyfriend of a year bought me a puppy from a local breedder for Valentines Day. The problem is I live with my parents and we have a small apartment and cannot really afford to take care of her. I don't want to break my boyfriends heart and I love the puppy, but I just don't think I can handle taking care of her financially and emotionally at this time. What do you think I could do without hurting my boyfriend before I get too attached to her? Thanks!

Danielle in Mississippi

Dear Danielle:
Pleaseeeeeeee try to return the dog to the breeder right away if you don’t feel you can give it an adequate home. Also, in the future, let your boyfriend know that animals don’t make good gifts.  Purchasing an animal and bringing a pet into your home should always be a mutual decision that is well thought out.  Also, a good breeder doesn’t usually sell a puppy as a gift, knowing that situations like yours come along very often.  Any reputable breeder will take a puppy back if they know it won’t be able to be integrated into a new home.  Please remember all of this for the future Danielle!
Good luck!

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