Ask Away...: Hair Transplants: Everything You Need to Know

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hair Transplants: Everything You Need to Know


Although you might have heard about the advances in hair loss treatments recently, you might now know exactly what happens during a transplant. The procedure is actually very straightforward and provides good results. You should know several important things about hair transplants today.

What Happens Before the Transplant

Your doctor will run some tests before scheduling the
hair loss treatment in order to make sure you are a good candidate and that there are no medical problems that could cause complications. You will receive injections of a local anesthetic around the areas where the procedure will take place. You might also receive minor sedation if you need it.

How Hair Is Harvested

Your doctor will start by harvesting the hair needed for the transplant. This is called the donor hair.
The process is done by cutting out small pieces of your skin. The pieces are just deep enough to capture the follicles on your head responsible for growing hair. This type of hair loss treatment will remove a few follicles at a time in order to preserve the natural growing pattern. The areas where your hair was removed will be closed with sutures if necessary.

Why the Donor Hair Grows

The donor hair is selected from areas along the side and the back of your head. This hair is specifically chosen because it contains genetic programming that keeps it growing. These follicles will produce hair regardless of any balding that is occurring on the top of the head. The only exception is for men who have a certain type of thinning scalp.

How the Donor Hair Is Transplanted

Your doctor will start to make small incisions along the top of your head. The donor hair follicles will be placed into these openings. Doctors will try very hard to place the transplanted hair in a natural pattern so that it matches the rest of your hair. This can take some time. A complete procedure could last for as long as eight hours. It could also take as little as two to four hours. The follicles will eventually become a natural part of your scalp over time and start growing normally. The areas where your hair was harvested from will be concealed by your existing hair.

What Happens Afterwards

Your doctor will cover the transplant area with a sterile dressing. You will probably have to wear this dressing for a few days. You will be able to go back to a normal daily routine in anywhere from 48 hours to five days. You will be fully recovered from the transplant in about three to four weeks. You might need to take some medications to deal with potential infections, swelling and lingering aches after the procedure.

How Long Until Hair Starts Growing

The hair that was transplanted will initially fall out as the follicles become established. New hair will start growing in slowly over the next few months. You can expect to see full growth of normal hair within six to nine months after the hair loss treatment. Your new hair will be just like the hair on the rest of your head.

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