Ask Away...: Jean Genie: Which Jeans Style is Best For You?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jean Genie: Which Jeans Style is Best For You?

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I just love a good pair of jeans - in fact, I love denim in all its different forms. But there are so many different styles of jeans, and it's not as simple as one style suits all. If you get it wrong, it can throw off your whole outfit. And it's not all about looking good either. The wrong style of jeans can fit you badly and leave you feeling uncomfortable all day. And of course it's not until you've bought them and worn them that you realize they're not right! Check out my guide to which jeans style is right for you and you'll soon be looking and feeling great in denim.


Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are best if you want to play it safe. Most body shapes will suit a pair of straight leg jeans because there isn't anything that really stands out about them. A pair of straight leg jeans with a waistband that doesn't sit too high or too low is the best option if you're just not sure about anything else. It can sometimes be difficult to find straight leg jeans that aren't more toward the skinny side though.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are more suited to people who have long, slim legs. That doesn't mean that you have to be supermodel tall though because you can get away with skinny jeans if you have shorter legs. They will look better if you aren't too top-heavy because if you are skinny jeans will only make you look unbalanced. You want to emphasize your slim legs, not the fact that they're slimmer than your torso! Be careful that you don't go too tight - you need to be able to sit down. If you want a flattering pair of skinny jeans, Tuchuzy sell women's jeans from a range of designers.

Boot Cut Jeans

For ladies who want a bit of help emphasizing their hips and gaining that coveted hourglass shape, boot cut jeans are ideal. They taper in at the knee and then flare out slightly toward the ankle, so they're great if you have toned legs. You should avoid them if you're bottom-heavy or pear-shaped because you don't need any help showing off your bottom and legs. Choose a straight cut jean instead, which will balance you out much better.

High-waisted or Low-rise?

Choosing between high-waisted or low-rise jeans isn't as easy as picking based on your body shape. It will partly depend on how comfortable you feel in your jeans and also what you're matching them with. The rise of your jeans will still have an affect on your body shape, for example, low-rise jeans will look better on a slimmer and straighter figure than a pear-shaped one. Just about everyone will look good in high-rise jeans, however. They will nip you in at the waist, whatever your shape, and with petite women will help to lengthen their legs.

When you go shopping for your perfect pair of jeans, remember that this is all just advice. Not everyone will find that following these suggestions works for them, so go with what you look and feel good wearing.

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