Ask Away...: 3 Tips for Online Shoe Shopping

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 Tips for Online Shoe Shopping

While it may be fun, shopping online for shoes can be tricky.   Sometimes you get lucky and you already know your size in a certain brand, but when you start looking for great deals, you want to be sure that you can make a one time purchase that you won't have to exchange.  Exchanges can be a hassle and sometimes cost YOU money on shipping. So here are 3 tips to shopping online for shoes. 

1. Purchase the RIGHT size
Have you ever been on a site from another country, and you get really confused as to why they have such small sizes available?  It's likely because of the women's shoe size conversion so you'll need to see what size you are on their site. Always check a shoe size conversion chart to be extra sure you are getting the correct size. 

2. Look at all angles of photographs
Sometimes a shoe looks cute from one angle, but a photo of the bottom shows that there is no tread.   These are things to think about before you go ahead and click the purchase button. 

3. Is it compatible with your current wardrobe?Just because a pair of shoes is totes adorbs, doesn't mean you should impulse buy.  If it's not for a special occasion like a wedding, and it doesn't go with more than 2 outfits in your closet, it may not be worth the money. 

What tips do you have for online shoe shopping? 

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  1. I usually avoid buying shoes online unless they're a brand I've purchased before or a site I've purchased from before, that way I know what size to get. Size conversion charts are usually a must for me. I think they are the most helpful. It's like the same with clothes. I do a lot of online shopping but it is very rare that I will buy a piece of clothing that doesn't have a size chart. And I hate when they only have one picture up.

    1. Yea thats how I am. I like to purchase brands im already wearing so that I know for sure my size!


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