Ask Away...: Top 5 Words You Want to Include in Your Wedding Vows

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Top 5 Words You Want to Include in Your Wedding Vows

If you are writing your wedding vows, you may be scouring Shakespeare’s sonnets or favourite love song lyrics. You may seek inspiration from movies or poems from your childhood. Wherever you find your muse, there are five key words your vows should include.

The vows you will speak at your wedding ceremony are not legally binding. The legal part is in the ‘I do’ section. When you say ‘I do,' you are verbally confirming you understand that you are entering a marriage as understood by law. This binds you financially, you can take his surname, and you are his next of kin.

For some, picking the right wording for the Wedding invitations was hard. Writing your wedding vows can be even tougher. The vows are for the two of you to declare your feelings for eachother in front of those who love you the most. So what are the five key words you need to include?

  1. Forever - Getting married to your beloved is your way of saying you will put up with eachother no matter what. Forever is a really long time, and your commitment to marriage should be a forever thing.

  1. Love - This is the word everyone at your wedding is waiting to here. When you look at him and say you love him, they will scrutinise every wobble in your voice and every lapse in eye contact. They need to know you mean it, so make sure you say it with conviction!

  1. Share - As a married couple you will be sharing the house and every room in it, so think about how you  can both still have space and ‘alone’ time. Sharing life’s ups and downs through sickness, kids, careers and financial stress is hard. Promising always to share in these things is a wonderful promise to make.

  1. Choose - Entering into a binding agreement like marriage must always be a choice. You choose to be together rather than apart. You choose to be with this person over any other. You choose to grow old and wrinkly in front of this man because you trust him to love you even more for it. Your choice to enter marriage and commit to decades of hard work making a good life for you both is one he should cherish you for.

  1. Happiness - Forever is the commitment. Love is the reason. Sharing is the activity. Choice is the freedom of will. Happiness is the hard work and practice. To find happiness in all that comes your way as a couple is a challenge. Happiness is a state of mind. If you can commit today to helping your better half find that happiness in your lives together, then you are ready for your marriage to start. By pledging the vow of happiness, you are promising to work every day to relieve any misery he may experience. You are promising to try your best never to be the cause of any unhappiness. You are committing to finding happiness within and of yourself to share with him every day.

To the Happy Couple!

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  1. I'm actually working on my vows! Thanks for the suggestions!
    xo Erin


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