Ask Away...: What You Need to Know About Diet Supplements

Friday, October 24, 2014

What You Need to Know About Diet Supplements

There are many diet supplements out there promising weight loss and fat burning. We’ve all tried more of them than perhaps we should. The trouble is, if they were working, we wouldn’t still be looking for another one! Some of them are more realistic than others in their claims. They emphasise the need for a change in lifestyle and approach to physical activity. Other diet supplements suggest they are meeting your body’s nutritional requirements while you are taking on fewer calories.

So what does the body need most when you are withholding up to 1000 calories that it is used to enjoying? Vitamins and minerals are essential to cell generation. Calcium, in particular, is often missing in low-calorie diets because it is found in the fattier foods we’re trying to avoid. Calcium that we usually get from dairy products should be included in the supplement you are taking.

Another essential is vitamin C, widely used to stave off colds. Most diets recommend you eat citrus fruits, but some ask you to stay away from fruits because of the sugar content. If you are cutting out red meat be sure to find another source of iron or check your supplement includes it. Without enough iron in your body, you can become anaemic and fatigued.

Some diet supplements come in the form of milkshakes or other liquid foods. Drinking plenty of water has always been in the dieter’s handbook to help stop those hunger pangs. Thick drinks like milkshakes or soup do make you feel full, but most dieters miss the feeling of eating something solid.

Other diet supplements contain stimulants to help provide you with a feeling of energy. In some people, this gives them headaches or cravings for other short term energy boosts like fizzy drinks or sweets. They can help boost the metabolism and is believed to burn fat easier.

Thanks to social media and a wealth of diet websites, it is easy to find information on the latest diet supplement available. Users are happy to share their results online, and those with experience in diet fads take to blogging to review each of them. To find the right diet for you may take trial and error. Reading online reviews, like the plexus slim reviews 2015 will help give you a broad view of other users’ experiences.

When you are thinking of trying something new, think about how it will affect your day-to-day life. Will you need to find a good multivitamin to supplement the program? Can you handle a long day in the office without dipping into the donut box? Can you still meet up with the girls for brunch if you are restricted to a diet milkshake from home?

Whichever diet supplement you choose to try next, do take a look in the mirror first and ask yourself if you really need it. Some diets don’t work well because we are built to be the shape we are. If you need to slim for health reasons, make sure the supplement you take is a healthy one.

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