Ask Away...: 6 Silly Ways To Drive Your Man Away

Friday, December 5, 2014

6 Silly Ways To Drive Your Man Away


When you are with the man of your dreams, there are plenty of ways you can screw it up. Sometimes women drive men away without realizing how they are doing it. When you are head over heels in love, it can be hard to see passed your emotions. The last thing you want to do is ruin things because you're not thinking straight. Here are six silly ways to drive your man away.

1. You're not giving him space

Everybody needs space now and then. At the start of a relationship, you might want to see your boyfriend every single day. He might feel the same for a while too. There will come a point, though, when one of you needs space. If he needs space before you do, you might find it a little hard. It doesn't mean that he doesn't like you when he wants some time alone. It is only natural that people want some time to themselves.

2. Making drama for the sake of it

Sometimes people love drama. One of the main problems in relationships is when one of the people tries to cause issues for no reason. Some people feed on drama. They love the thrill of the fight and enjoy making up afterwards. If you are one of those people, you need to calm yourself. Some men hate drama. It is a huge turn off for them. If you seem like more trouble than you are worth, he will walk away and leave you alone.

3. Asking for compliments

It is lovely when your partner compliments you and makes you feel good. At the start of a relationship, the compliments flow freely. When those sweet nothings start to dry up, you might crave the attention that you once had from your boyfriend. The worst thing you can do is start asking your partner for compliments all the time. There is nothing more unattractive than an insecure person who needs constant reassurance. If you start being like that, you will lose your man. You might wonder how to win a guy back forever, and there are ways, but it will take a lot of work.

4. Flirting with other men

If you are not getting the attention you need from your man, you might start to look for it elsewhere. It doesn't mean that you are a cheat if you want a little attention from guys now and then. You might even flirt with other men to try and show your partner that others find you desirable. You might think that will win you attention and affection from your partner again. It won't. All that will happen is you will annoy your boyfriend, and he will start to question your relationship.

5. Being negative

Your partner probably spends most of his time with you when he is not at work. That means that you play a huge role in his life. If you have a negative outlook on life, you will drive your partner away. Negativity is contagious. When you start saying negative things or moaning, you will start to bring your partner down. He will  wonder why he always feels sad around you, and he will likely conclude that you are not right for him.

6. Comparing him to your ex

If you have had serious relationships before, you need to move on and focus on your current boyfriend. It is easy to compare partners and get nostalgic about your exes. If you and your ex should be together, you would still be together. When you compare your partner to your exes, you are telling him that you want to be with them, not him.

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