Ask Away...: Five Tips for Decorating Your Home (Rental or Otherwise)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Five Tips for Decorating Your Home (Rental or Otherwise)

1 // Multipurpose Furniture - This one is equally beneficial for your (un)expected houseguests and accidental naps on the couch while marathoning House of Cards. A comfortable couch, with just the right amount of firmness and give will prevent the inevitable crick in the neck the morning after. Perfect for a quick snooze or a surprise guest when the guest room is a disaster.

2// Useful Storage - Ten minute clean-up time! Your mother-in-law / husband’s boss / friend you haven’t seen in ages surprises you by saying that they’re coming over for a coffee, and the living room is a disaster area. Lucky for you, you have tons of built in storage options, like the coffee table pictured below, and have plenty of room to stash your things.

3 // Spice Up Your Walls - You’ve heard the spiel about gallery walls before, so I won’t spend too much time on them. They’re the perfect way to introduce color and originality to an otherwise blah space. If your kids love painting, frame up some of your favorites in some neat looking white frames (these are great). Your kids will love seeing their hard work showcased.

4 // Throw Pillows - Unless you absolutely love this season’s trendy color, and are willing to stick with it for a good few years, it’s probably best to stick with a neutral colored sofa. That’s where the throw pillows come in - they’re an excellent way to introduce some color, in addition to being an easy way to revive the room by getting some new ones when you’re over the ones you have.

Image from Houzz

5 // Let the Light In -- If you’re lucky enough to have big windows, use them to your advantage. Don’t hide windows behind bulky curtains, unless you work the night shift and need total darkness to sleep during the day. Natural lighting is the most flattering, and has the added benefit of being good for your health. Let as much light into the house as possible during the day to lift your spirits.

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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