Ask Away...: Workout Clothes a New Fashion Trend?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Workout Clothes a New Fashion Trend?



As fashion trends come and go, a new wave of athletic wear has hit the masses leaving women feeling slender and sexy. Not long ago, workout clothes were worn only to the gym, and occasionally in public, leaving the wearer feeling self-conscious and fashionably out-of-place. Today, however, stretchy and formfitting pants, cute tank tops, and pullovers are becoming essential elements of a complete wardrobe, and celebrities are getting on board with this trend. See why more women are turning to active wear for everyday use at home, work, school, and more.


Inspire Healthy Lifestyles


Marketing experts studying fashion trends are still determining why athletic wear has moved out of the gym and into everyday fashion. Some say that people simply want to appear healthy. Workout clothes tend to send the message that you have been working out, even if you haven’t. While some women are not working out at all, others say that their active wardrobe inspires them to stay fit. Workout clothes can be an outer reflection of a healthy lifestyle, health consciousness, and regular fitness routine. Many athletic clothing manufacturers promote their athletic wear based on function. Choose fabrics and fits based on whether or not you are going to get sweaty or stay clean wearing them.


Comfortable and Multifunctional


One of the most popular reasons for adding active-wear to your clothing collection is to create a functional and comfortable wardrobe. Today’s woman is constantly on the go, whether she is driving around town with the kids, or balancing work and an active lifestyle, many females feel they have no time for tight, stuffy, uncomfortable clothing anymore. Hoodies, yoga pants, and comfy tees have all been added to today’s essentials list. With many different brands and clothing stores picking up on these trends, more options are available for colors, patterns, cuts, and sizes.


Accessorizing With Leggings and Socks


As with any complete wardrobe, a girl needs some cute accessories to complete her look. When it comes to dressing in a fun and sporty style, leggings and colorful socks are some of the top choices for athletic accessories. Leggings come in all different colors and patterns from neon to textured fabrics. Choosing the right print can make your active look complete. If leggings aren’t your thing, try pairing athletic shorts with knee high funky socks in a bright or eye-catching color. Because necklaces and handbags don’t go well with athletic fashion, socks or leggings are perfect for accessorizing.


Active Wear for Everyday


As you make workout clothes a part of your everyday wardrobe, be sure to choose fashionable pieces that fit the function you have in mind. Whether you simply want to stay cute and comfy, or you are gearing up for an intense workout, today’s fashion trends have all of the necessities to keep you feeling fit and fabulous.

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