Ask Away...: How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

You may not be seeking a position with a social media company, but social media platforms can be instrumental in helping you find
additional income opportunities. Here’s how you can make the most of the online world when it comes to your job search.

1. Clean up your digital footprint. Get rid of any images or text posts that could be considered inappropriate. Bet on potential employers looking at all of your social media sites.

2. Delete social accounts that you don’t want future employers to see. Just because you’ve used only Facebook and Twitter for the past five years, that doesn’t mean an employer won’t sift through your MySpace and Foursquare accounts.

3. Streamline your profiles so they include the same information. Each social media account should have the same headshot, contact information, work history, etc. Think of it as branding yourself.

4. Certain social media platforms are specifically used for job seeking, like LinkedIn. Make sure that these profiles are optimized with keywords so employers who don’t yet know you’re out there can actually find you.

5. Engage with the companies you’d love to work for. Social media isn’t just for talking with friends and family members - it’s also for networking with current and potential business contacts.

If you only want to use social media for business, updating your accounts should be a breeze. If you still want to keep some personal accounts, make sure the privacy settings will keep unwanted viewers away.

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