Ask Away...: LA Architect Makes Transition to 3D-Printed Fashion Accessories

Friday, August 7, 2015

LA Architect Makes Transition to 3D-Printed Fashion Accessories

Everyone seems to be getting on the 3D printing bandwagon, probably because the creative possibilities are so enticing. For architects, however, the leap into product fabrication is small, because they’re used to employing industrial 3D printers to create small-scale models and special parts. In Los Angeles, Jenny Wu spends her days as a partner at the Oyler Wu Collaborative architectural firm and a design faculty at SCI-Arc, but she has recently found inspiration to use her 3D printing skills to start a jewelry collection.

LACE is the result — a set of surreal necklaces, rings, and chokers that evoke alien life forms. Starting with the imaginative idea of making “wearable” architecture, Wu sketched out a few ideas and then drew them using digital modeling software. From there, she figured out the printing processes to realize her designs in nylon, rose gold, sterling silver, and wood, which all vary in production time. For example, to make a silver piece, Wu must first print with metal powder, solidify the object in a furnace, and then polish it to achieve a shiny finish. Wu isn’t the only one getting in on 3D-printed fashion — below, we’ve shared a few promising developments where science and style have crossed over.

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