Ask Away...: Five Things You Must Do If You're Just About to Buy a Pet

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Five Things You Must Do If You're Just About to Buy a Pet

Five Things You Must Do If You're Just About to Buy a Pet

Buying a pet is an exciting time in anyone’s life! Everyone looks forward to company and cuddles from a furry friend, and lots of fun playing and getting to know each other. But don’t forget to keep in mind these essential tips to make sure your home is a welcoming and pet friendly place for your new family member.

Buy a carry case

A specially designed and fitted carry case is an important tool for your pet’s comfort and safety. Just like we need safety belts when travelling in the car, a carry case will provide a snug and safe way for your pet to travel, whether joining you in the car or going to the vet. A carry case can be particularly useful if a pet becomes unwell, providing a secure and protected way for the pet to be transported while feeling sick.

Make your house pet friendly

Just like a child, a pet can sometimes get into places and eat things it’s not supposed to! So before you bring your new animal friend home, make sure your house is pet friendly. Go through your house and secure any low cupboards or shelves with a locking mechanism, or remove any potentially poisonous substances from low places.  Pay special attention to the garden shed or garage, where snail bait, rat poison or mouse traps might be kept, all of which can be potentially toxic or dangerous to pets.

Don’t forget the kitchen too. If there’s a possibility the pet might end up in there, make sure all food is secured out of reach of the pet. Some food that is tasty to us, like chocolate, can be poisonous to pets like dogs. Make sure your pet has somewhere to go to the bathroom, like a litter box, if he or she is going to be an “indoors” pet, and check that there is always plenty of fresh water and food available. Or if your pet is going to live both indoors and outdoors, you can think about installing a cat or dog door, to allow easy access for them.

Make sure you're vacuum is up to the job

Along with our furry friends comes their fur and hair! There’s nothing worse than having pet hair all over the carpet and furniture of your home and not being able to easily remove it. Thankfully, there are vacuum cleaners that are well equipped to pick up and remove pet hair, which means you can quickly and easily remove that hair from your floors and upholstery without too much sweat.

There are several vacuum cleaners on the market today specifically designed to deal with pet hair. These vacuum cleaners can be full size or handheld, however some of these pet hair specialty vacuums, while very good at picking up pet hair, proved lacklustre in consumer tests when put to other tasks such as hard and carpeted floor cleaning. Some of the top consumer rated regular vacuum cleaners, both full size and hand held, aced tests for both pet hair and general cleaning, even if they didn’t have the words ‘pet’, or ‘animal’ in the name.  So test out your vacuum, and check online reviews to see if your vacuum is up to the job.

Find a good vet in your area

Just like we need the doctor sometimes, your pet will need the vet sometimes. It’s essential to find a good local vet and get in contact before your pet arrives at home. Whether you need to organise more checkups, vaccinations or micro-chipping when your new friend arrives, or it’s simply for emergencies, or for neutering down the track, the vet is one phone number you’ll need to keep posted on the fridge or notice board – somewhere the whole family can see it and access it if needed. This is important because you never know when your pet might get into trouble, and because they can’t communicate with us, it’s often unexpected. So it’s best to be prepared.

Get some rest!

If your pet is arriving soon, it won’t be long until you are greeted with bounds of joy and the special kind of love only a pet can give. So after you have put the effort into making your home and environment the best it can be for your pet in order to properly care for your furry friend, and love him or her back, it’s time to take some rest and get ready for your new family member to arrive!
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