Ask Away...: Custom Made Suits for Ladies and Gentlemen

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Custom Made Suits for Ladies and Gentlemen

A custom tailor maintains the old world tradition of coming to your home or office, by appointment only, for a fashion consultation and to fit your body perfectly with a suit that will be hand-stitched combining high quality craftsmanship with modern computer technology.

The precision and care that is put into each stitch and seam results in elegant stylish custom “one of a kind statement pieces” that have pleased The Royal Family, political leaders, and others.

Operating world wide, Sabatini of London is a prime example of an Executive Suit Maker.


Unbelievably, Mr. Sabatini personally picks each swatch from hundreds of the finest quality fabrics from all over the world including Italy, Great Britain and Switzerland. Whether wool, linen, or cotton, you can feel the difference in the high class materials, some of which cost between $200 and $300 per yard wholesale.

The best fabric for year-round wear is 100 percent all-weather woven wool. Even in hot weather, you can be comfortable because wool is a natural fiber that breathes and whisks away perspiration. You can also choose from a selection of cotton and linen for the warmest days.

Other elegant fabrics include the pricey, but well worth it, 100 percent pure cashmere. The top quality Mongolian cashmere is heirloom quality and is the most luxurious and softest. A “dream” suit is one made from a super cashmere and wool.


ENGLISH – The most popular of the suit fashions, the double breasted jacket has square shoulders with little padding, and there are two side vents.

ITALIAN - The padded shoulder is high and wide. The jacket usually has pockets without flaps, and the pants have a low waist and diagonally cut pockets.

FRENCH - The jacket is flared and very long, and the pants are normally bell-bottomed and without pleats.

GERMAN - The jacket shoulder is low and natural. The prominent chest provides room on the inside for pockets to hold wallets, pens, notebooks, etc.

AMERICAN - The shoulder is more natural with little or no padding. Jackets usually have three buttons, with only the center button fastened, and the pockets have flaps. The pants usually have no pleats, and the leg fit is close.

SABATINI STYLE – Taking designs from the best features of all the styles, Sabatini adds its own unique suggestions such as the executive single breasted two-button suit with no vents and sleeves with four buttons. Two outside flap pockets can be folded inside, and there are inside pockets to hold your cell phone, pocket computer, and more.

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