Ask Away...: 4 Tips on Identifying the Perfect Salon for You

Thursday, December 3, 2015

4 Tips on Identifying the Perfect Salon for You

It seems like just there are virtually endless options when it comes to selecting a beauty salon. From chic to chain to specialized, finding a location to trust your appearance to can be more than a little nerve-wracking. Luckily, there are several tips to help everyone identify the perfect salon for their needs. After all, the right location can quickly become a trusted partner that serves as a fabulous companion throughout the year.

Time in Business

It might seem a bit obvious, but selecting a location with a team of professionals that has been in business for decades usually makes a world of difference in the quality of a salon. Not that upstart locations should be avoided, but when a location has achieved a certain longevity, customers can be assured that quality is one of the key focuses of the organization. In a salon setting, customer service can keep the doors open for a long period of time.


Salons that offer social media pictures of their clients are demonstrating the confidence that is required to attract new customers. The clientele of an organization can quickly indicate if it is the right place for you to be by allowing potential clients to take a look at the offerings before committing to an appointment. Basically, shopping around makes a lot of sense when your personal appearance is on the line.

Certifications and Badges

Certifications from an exclusive program or the seal of approval from an organization with uncompromising standards is a great sign that the salon has highly trained professionals on staff. For example, the Anne Welsh Salon proudly displays the Bumble & Bumble seal of approval. Indicators like that are a sign of expertise and training that should give every customer the vote of confidence they are looking for.

How Busy Is It?

Perhaps the easiest way to judge as to whether or not the salon you are considering is a good match is how busy the location actually is. Crowded waiting areas are a sign that the services are in demand, which is a big hint that the salon is satisfying people and getting a lot of return business. After all, when a number of people trust appearances to a single location, the signs are all pointing in the direction of the business being a trusted spot.

In the end, selecting a salon is as simple as it is complicated. Taking a look at the traffic the location receives, the clientele, exclusive programs, and how long the location has been in business are all factors that should merit some consideration. Finding an organization that values how you look as much as you do is a rewarding experience that pays dividends throughout the year. In short, great organizations get customers and keep them, and with any lucky you will be one of the lucky people that receive top shelf treatment and quality care with every visit. All it takes is a little legwork.

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  1. I started seeing my stylist almost as soon as she left beauty school. I absolutely love her, but she is so busy its hard to get in.


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